String of Hawaii volcano explosions shoot ash to 11,000 feet


By Joyln Rosa HONOLULU (Reuters) – A chain of summit explosions on Saturday from Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano spewed ash up to 11,000 feet (three,353 m) and dusted the gray powdered rock on communities to the southwest, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory mentioned. The 3 explosions, which started round 12:42 a.m. (6:42 a.m. ET/1042 GMT)), marked the most recent bursts of ash and volcanic smog from Kilauea all the way through the fourth week of what geologists rank as one of its greatest eruption cycles in a century. Residents downwind of Kilauea had been prompt via County of Hawaii Civil Defense to steer clear of publicity to ash, which will purpose eye inflammation and respiring difficulties, in particular in other people with breathing issues.

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