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Samsung Galaxy Zero leaked :

    Samsung Galaxy Zero phoneSamsung Galaxy Zero phone
Hey guys it’s time to talk about the breaking news or should I say breaking leak. Samsung is not just samsung. They are not only working on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus, Note 9, Galaxy X no no no. They are actually working on a phone which we can only dream and I know we dreamt about Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9 family. But this one is really that dream phone.
Samsung Galaxy Zero phone
Samsung Galaxy Zero phone
Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Zero with zero bezels. The phone that has no boundaries, truly no bezel phone. Popular Dutch tech site LETSGO digital has done their investigation and just one you that they are the first one who told us that the new bezel less iPhone will be called iPhone X. So they have a good track record and they have uncovered a brand new Samsung patent which shows us that the Holly freaking Samsung is about to make a zero bezel phone. A phone with 100% screen body ratio and yes just the display no more notch just a full size super AMOLED qhd+ display. The patent shows up how samsung will achieve this. They are planning to use blend areas on the display so it can go 180° curved everywhere from top, bottom and side.
Right now you are looking at the let’s go digital render how the phone look like. So not only full screen but also edging everywhere. If you guys read my previous article where I talked about Samsung is very close to put the fingerprint scanner in the display. Obviously that will go on Galaxy S9 and it will be implemented in Samsung Galaxy Zero smart phone also.
Samsung Galaxy Zero bend areas
Samsung Galaxy Zero bend areas
Another thing has been leaked that there will be no physical keys like volume rockers, power button and no bixby key. All will be happened in virtual. All buttons will be software base and that is awesome for increasing the waterproof resistance 10 times. No issues for faulty keys at all. Obviously with all of this there will be a way to power on the phone. You may ask where the sensors and the camera will go? Well it is expected that Samsung will find the way to put them in the glass. You may ask why samsung is doing this? The answer is “because they can”. Samsung wanted to let be the first company to do that. That’s may be why they are making this. The look of the Samsung Galaxy Zero smartphone looks more futuristic than the others. Right now samsung galaxy s9 is to take place in CES 2018 along with the Samsung Galaxy X. I highly doubt if the Galaxy Zero will make it in 2018. If samsung then anything can happen. That’s my guess. It’s awesome that Samsung is going to make our dreams in reality which is a zero bezel phone. That would be amazing if they arrange samsung galaxy zero to debut in 2018. At least I personally want samsung to make the Samsung Galaxy zero bezel less phone.
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