Hawaii volcano belches new ash plume as geothermal wells secured from harm


By Marco Garcia VOLCANO, Hawaii (Reuters) – The restive Kilauea Volcano belched clouds of ash into the skies over Hawaii’s Big Island two times extra on Wednesday as civil protection government reported that pressurized geothermal wells at a close-by energy plant have been secured from drawing near lava. The newest back-to-back upheavals of ash from the principle summit crater of Kilauea — one prior to break of day and any other a number of hours later — got here at the 21st day of what geologists rank as some of the greatest eruption cycles in a century from some of the global’s maximum lively volcanoes. The Hawaii County Civil Defense company warned in its newest bulletin that citizens downwind of Kilauea must take care to keep away from publicity to ash, which is able to purpose eye inflammation and respiring difficulties, specifically in other people with breathing issues.

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