Google pixel 2 XL review – pros and cons

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Moving to the specs of Google pixel 2 XL, this device is powered by snapdragon 835 with 4gb RAM and 64gb/128gb storage. Google pixel 2 XL has 6 inch p OLED 18:9 screen with Corning gorilla Glass 5 protection. More more information click here.
Google pixel 2 XL review
Google pixel 2 XL review
Google pixel 2 XL review – pros and cons : hey guys in this article we are going to talk about the Google pixel 2 XL review. In this article I will divide the review between pros and cons so that you can decide whether it’s the right handset for you or not. So let’s get started pros
Google pixel 2 XL review :
Pros :
Weight : Though it’s a flagship device it doesn’t feel heavy. This problem many users face with the Samsung Galaxy note 8 and even with the iPhone X. Don’t get me wrong!. It just feels little bit dense. Where’s the Google pixel 2 XL is lighter and that can be a good thing if you talk a lot in phone.
Build Quality : in terms of build quality though the back of the phone doesn’t look metallic, it’s actually has a metallic body at the back. It just have a coating on the aluminum back. The coating makes the phone’s grip even better with it’s plasticity feel.
Speakers : The next thing I like about this device is the speakers. It is having the dual front stereo speakers. The audio output I was getting from the device is amazing. For example when you listen to the musics or YouTube videos, it’s gives you a very Immersive experience.
Cellular call quality : moving to the cellular call, I actually use two different brand sims with 4g volte feature and the quality of the calling was very good other than Samsung Galaxy note 8.
Android experience : moving to the Android using experience. Out of the box this phone comes with Android 8.0 Oreo. As this is a Google product the updates are directly handled by Google. I have to say this is the best Android experience you can get on the market. I didn’t notice lag and any other os issue and the RAM management is also good though it just has the 4gb RAM compare to the market other flagship phones are having 6gb or 8gb RAM. Even with the 4gb RAM the RAM management is very good maybe. So no issue regarding to Android experience and RAM management though in some tests the RAM management wasn’t good.
Battery life : moving to battery life it has a 3020 mAh battery life. It gives you a good battery life inspite of having a 6 inch screen If you compare with other smartphones in the market. Yes the sad status is that the mid-range smartphones have far better battery life but if compare to the other flagship phones this gives you a very good battery life.
Gaming : moving to gaming, as it has the latest Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor it gives you a very good gaming experience. I played a lot of games on it even some heavy games like asphalt 8 modern combat 5 etc. In terms of gaming you may grab this phone also. As this one has the stereo speakers that makes your experience even better. Even after heavy gaming the handset gets little bit warmer near the camera but it wasn’t getting much hotter.
Fingerprint performance : Google pixel 2 XL has a fingerprint scanner on it’s back with a great position. As it’s flagship device the fingerprint sensor was very fast and responsive.
Camera : Now moving to camera. I think Google has done this greatly with it’s Google pixel 2 XL. Though it has a single camera sensor on it’s back, I can bet that this is the best camera flagship phone in the market right now. Even with the single camera sensor they provide the portrait mode in both front and back camera. This doesn’t content the dual camera formality like others.
Cons : let’s move to cons what I didn’t like about this Google pixel 2 XL review device. So let’s get started
Button trouble : after using a month I didn’t like position of power button and volume rocker. Unlike the phones it has an awkward position buttons like power button on top of the volume rockers. If you use then you that sometimes when you want to press the volume up button, mistakenly you press the power button. By the time you will be used to it unlike me.
Screen : moving to the biggest issue of this phone, that is screen. They provided 6 inch p OLED screen. This is made by LG. Let’s go straight this is not the best screen you can get. For example the Samsung Galaxy note 8, S8 and many more devices. If you use this, you may notice that in a white background if you tilt the screen, you will see the bluish effect on that. That can be annoying. Moving to the colours by default the colours are actually pretty muted on this device. Yeah Google has pushed an update of extra saturation mode by this you may get a better colour experience.
Wireless Charging : the sad thing is that unlike other flagship phones this phone doesn’t support wireless Charging. Even iPhones now support wireless Charging.
No headphone jack : the next what I didn’t like about this device is to not giving the good headphone jack. Last year Google made fun of Apple for removing the good old headphone jack. Yes you will get an adapter for using your old headphones. The adapter was provided in the box but the audio output through the adapter isn’t good.
No exapandable storage : As it is a a single sim device, you won’t be getting any expandable storage. If you are a heavy user, I suggest you to go for the higher storage variant.
Overpriced : This may not a con for you guys this phone doesn’t deserve that price with that specifications. It’s over priced in many countries like India, turkey etc.
Camera : again this device has a single sensor camera. Still it’s the best camera you can get. But I missed the telephoto lens. At this overpriced they should at least give us dual camera while the competitors are giving us that.
So that’s it guys.
My personal suggestion is not to go with device as it has the display issue. Maybe in Google may fix this but as of now I don’t suggest you to go for Google pixel 2 XL. Though this has the smoothest Android experience and the best camera right now.

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