Gassy, glassy 'laze' from volcano poses new threat for Hawaii


By Terray Sylvester PAHOA, Hawaii (Reuters) – Hawaii citizens dealing with Kilauea’s volcanic eruption confronted a doubtlessly fatal new danger on Sunday as government warned that lava flows attaining the Pacific Ocean may just produce noxious clouds of acid fumes, steam and tiny, glass-like debris. Civil protection notices alerted motorists, boaters and beachgoers to watch out for caustic plumes of “laze” shaped from two streams of scorching lava pouring into the ocean after chopping throughout Highway 137 at the south coast of Hawaii’s Big Island past due on Saturday and early Sunday. The announcements additionally warned that stories of poisonous sulfur dioxide fuel being vented from quite a lot of issues across the volcano had tripled, urging citizens to “take motion essential to restrict additional publicity.” Laze – a time period combining the phrases “lava” and haze” – is a mixture of hydrochloric acid fumes, steam and advantageous volcanic glass specks created when erupting lava, which is able to succeed in 2,000 levels Fahrenheit (1,093 levels Celsius), reacts with sea water, Hawaii County Civil Defense stated in a commentary.

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